How to make a fursuit head?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Making fursuits can be confusing and difficult at first. Here are some tips from me!

What is a fursuit?

To quote Wikipedia - "a fursuit is an animal costume weared by those that are a fan of anhtrophomorphic animals. They are often made to represent the wearer's fursona, a personal character who portrays them as an anthropomorphic animal and with whom one feels a sense of belonging."

Fursuites are seen a lot in furrycons, i.e. events where fans of anhrophomorphic animals gather.


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To make a fursuit, you need:

  • foam

  • Hot glue

  • Faux fur is fleece

  • Mesh for the eyes

  • tape to make the formula

  • plastic or foamies for eye making

  • scissors.

The photos I took from my own video on YouTube. You should take a peek if the pictures alone are not enough. There are also a lot of instructions online on "How to make a fursuit head".

How to make fursuit eyes?

You can also find instructions for this on my YouTube

To make it, you need a plastic sheet, glue, and mesh fabric.


When you have finished the base, tape it over

according to the shapes with some tape (preferably gentle so that the foam does not tear). Draw the desired patterns on the tape. Cut and place the patterns on the back of your fur fabric. Be sure to cut the parts so that they are flat on the cloth, otherwise the parts are too small and the wrong size.

Sew the parts together and glue them to the Base!

And done! If you want, you can add teeth, a tongue and an inner lining to the suit so that the foam does not rub against your face. Good luck with the construction!

(Or if you don't want to do it yourself, you can commission a fursuit from a maker like me)

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