Fursuit/Ear commissions

Prices are in € (euro).
​ Other currencies will be converted.
​q&a and Tos at the bottom of page.

Please note that all prices are base prices. Shipping and possible character complexity will raise the price.

More examples in the gallery!

If you live far away from Finland, be vary of the import and shipping price.
My prices will rise as i learn new methods!

Price risers


  • Multiple colors of fur (over 3) +10-50€ per color.

  • Horns +10€ per pair

  • Earrings +4€

  • Complex markings

  • complex creatures (many differend parts)

  • spots +2€  per spot


  • over 2 fur colors

  • complex markings

  • spikes

  • claws


Fursuit tail commissions open

 Ear commissions Open

Fursuit head /partial commissions Closed


Head first

  • Heads are lined with lycra and quilted broadcloth for comfort.

  • 2D or follow me eyes,

  • built on a foam base.

  • fabric nose

  • hard or fabric teeth.

  • Can fit with glasses upon request.

Starting at +700€ EUR


Basic - starting at +810€

Light - starting at +950€

Full- starting at +1 150€

  • Head,Handpaws,Tail.

  • Head,handpaws,tail+Armsleeves

  • Head,handpaws and armsleeves.

  • Fabric pawpads.

  • Head,handpaws,feetpaws,tail+Armsleeves

  • Head,handpaws and armsleeves.

  • Fabric pawpads.

  • Indoor or outdoor feetpaws.

All parts


Wag on

  • ​Small tail. 30€ 20-30 cm

  • medium tail. 50€ ~50cm

  • ​long tail. 60-100€ over 50cm

  • 2 belt loops

Starting at +30€ EUR


Ears up

  • Ears 35-50€
     faux fur ears with wire armature attached to headband, airbrushed markings

    price range from 35-50€ depending on complexity

  • ask for ear and tail sets

Starting at +35€ EUR

Q&A about our costumes.

How long does it take to complete my commission?
-When we are working on your commission, the estimate 1-4 months. We don't work rush orders!


Do you line your fursuits?

-Yes! all parts are lined for a comfortable feel and can be unlined upon request, exept head.


Why line fursuits?

-Some people are sensitive to harsh material rubbing against their skin. It also gives you that extra comfort while wearing.

Do I have the same price if my suit has fleece as skin/fur?
-Fleece as fur reduces/keeps it on the minimum, depending on the complexity.

Can I get a discount for my birthday/not having enough money?
-Sorry, but i cant give discounts. This is my livelihood and these are luxury items. However i will have some cheaper option on my Etsy shop.
If you really want to order, wait till it is a good time for you!

What if i have to cancel my order?
-We will refund what is not used in the materials, and if the commission is not completed. Discuss these with us, we are understanding of money issues.

How much is the shipping to my country?
-This varies from 20-100€. We will inform you when we accept your quote. Europe is cheaper and USA starts from 100€ (you can check yourself from https://www.posti.fi/en

When will i get pictures and updates?
-We like to be well in contact with you while working on your orders. We post often to you.
  We like to work on one customer at the time.

Are there pets in the workplace?
-Yes, we have a cat

Is the workplace smoke-free?

What are the heads made off?
-Foam base, lycra/other fabrics and faux fur.

Do you make moving jaws?


Can I wear the head with my glasses?
-Inform us  if you have glasses so we make the head so you can wear them.

Have something else in mind? Fill the contact sheet or message us at FB or Twitter by the name of NorthCat Creations

Terms of service

 Please read carefully before commissioning from us.
​When commissioning the customer agrees to these terms.

The materials may come in contact with a cat. We do have common household dust. If you have any specific allergies please inform us material wise.

Age restriction.
We do not accept partial/head commissions from ages below 16 to prevent credit card stealing and stealing money from parents/guardians. A Parent or guardian is required to agree to the commissioning in behalf of the customer. If a minor lies to be over 16, your commission will be deleted and refunded. If the suit has already been in the making, it will be sold off, and the money not needed for the materials will be refunded.

Payment methods.
Payments worldwide from PayPal, Bank is accepted in Finland. Only €, other currencies will be converted to euros.

Down payment and fees.
 A Down Payment of 50% is required to reserve your spot. Shipping cost is added to the price when we contact you about your order.
We DO NOT ship out products until we have 100% of the payments in. 
We do not begin making your suit until we have received at least  50% of your total. If we have not heard from the client in 2 weeks after getting a slot and not paying, the commission will be called off. After the 50% is completed we do not change the design of the commission work you provided with us earlier.
We DO take short payment plans. Discuss with us about possible payment plans. 

Location and shipping.
We are located in Finland, Please consider shipping cost accordingly. Check that your country can be shipped to.
Shipping cost is added to the total of your order. When we ship the order we keep you updated. We are not responsible for any damage your suit might have received in the mail. If the package is broken, contact your service provider. However we pack our products to survive possible water damages and rough housing.

We don't return your down payment or other payments if you decide that you don't want to order
from us anymore if we have already started to make your commission work, and it is already 70% done.
In this case the mask will be altered to a differend character and sold off.
If your suit is only 50% done we return the money that was not required to pay for the materials. 50% is when we start to put the fabrics on.
Be in contact with us about any problems regarding payments as soon as possible. 
Do NOT request a refund from PayPal, if something seems to have gone wrong.  We will sort it out with you. If done anyway, you will be blacklisted and a beware may be done. There is no reason for a chargeback. We are here and we listen.

Deadlines and completion times.
we do not accept deadlines, but if you want to have your suit ready before an upcoming event you'd like to attend, let us know.  We aim to finish a work in 1-3 months from starting date of the commission. However we can't guarantee that time period varying from the complexity of the commission.

Communication is through e-mail or other decided method. 
We give our focus to the client, who we are currently working with.Meaning, when your commission is up,we keep well in contact with you about updates on your order. You can always send us any questions and we send you updates when progress is made. Good communication is the key. If there is something worrying you. Let us know before it's too late.

Fur colors.
Please keep in mind, that faux fur colors are quite limited. We try to find the correct colors for your order, but if not found we contact you about other possibilities. We check if we can get a hold of your characters color before accepting your commission.

Consept art
We need a reference sheet or clear concept art before we can start your commission work

We hold the right to drop a commission if any harassment is received.
we hold the right to decline commissions.